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In April 2018, when Annie-Kim and her boyfriend, who was then living in Ottawa, were about to move in together in Montreal, there weren’t a lot of options: either the couple chose Verdun or the Promenades Masson. The second choice won the race as the pair moved into our first phase of Yimby Rosemont. We chatted about adult life with Annie-Kim.

 “I already lived in Promenades Masson at the time, a neighbourhood that I always really loved. Add to that the fact that we have a dog and we had nothing to furnish our apartment with, our research quickly lost steam until we stumbled on Yimby.”

A furnished loft where dogs are permitted, in the heart of Promenades Masson, fulfilled many of the criteria in order for Annie-Kim to feel at home. This explains why, two years later, she and her boyfriend are still living there.


The bottom line to life as a cohabiting couple

Obviously, living as a couple is nothing like living with roommates. When you live with the person who makes your heart beat a little faster, you want to share the same bedroom, put away your clothes in the same closet, eat at the same time, do the same things and cook for two. You could even say that in a couple, 50% of the decisions about meals are up to each person … or 100% of the decisions are made together. But cooking for two forces you to become masters of organization of grocery bags, fridge and cooking pot.



“Before, I tended to stop at the gourmet grocery store at the corner, on my way home from work, and choose on the spot what I was going to eat that same evening. My boyfriend prefers to get groceries for the week. I swear that that took a while for me to adapt to, but today I find it much easier when it comes to meals.”  


Her adult thing: living together as a couple

Other than the meal organization, Annie-Kim and her boyfriend came to an agreement that worked for the two of them! She takes care of the laundry and he cleans the loft. Result: neither of them has to put a checkmark beside a household chore that they don’t like.

Annie-Kim adds that the months of working remotely under quarantine with only one workspace, a kitchen island, was a real puzzle that she and her boyfriend managed to complete by reinventing their workspace.



“To spend months working from home when you live together in a loft, that’s not the easiest, but we quickly found ways of doing things that allow us to work well from home. For example, we use the bathroom for conference calls and it is not unusual for one of us to go work in the common Yimby space.” 

She also mentions that whenever possible, she and her boyfriend like to get out of the city on the weekend for a change of scene and for a better start to the week once Monday arrives.

Somewhere between young adult and older teen

Annie-Kim, although past her mid-twenties, doesn’t yet consider herself to be an adult worthy of the name, among other reasons because she retains certain habits that she has carried with her since adolescence, such as avoiding the clock as much as possible on weekend mornings.

“If I am lucky enough to sleep until noon or 1 p.m., I will do it. It’s like my little ritual that I keep close to me.”



If she forgets her great love for sleepy mornings, she admits to feeling grown up when she looks at her budget when the time comes to make an important decision, like the destination of her next vacation. It’s like you really become an adult the day you manage to balance two columns of numbers.

Discover the Yimby experience and have your own apartment all while having the opportunity for a change of scene and to work in one our common spaces.