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Yimby: a unique place

Yimby is where it all began. Discovering a neighbourhood. Meeting great people. An intimate living space – the kind I always wanted. Enough storage to put all my things in their right place. A perfect apartment for having friends over or just chilling out. And all around, people like me, an inspiring community and all the activities I want, when I want. That’s my Yimby.


Discover Yimby
at Espace Montmorency

Available in 2022

Our latest project! 222 versatile and light-filled apartments designed specifically to meet the needs of young professionals and students, either on their own or living with a significant other. Located at Espace Montmorency, in the heart of downtown Laval and its many attractions, Yimby apartments are fresh and functional, with superior soundproofing for extra privacy.

Yimby, well thought out

Designed by and for millennials, YIMBY (Yes In My BackYard) is putting the emphasis back on a high quality of life for young professionals. The innovative rental condo concept was developed to meet the needs of a generation that dreams of smart, compact and modular spaces. Common areas are also integrated to give life to the words community, sharing and chance encounters.

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In every Yimby complex you’ll find

To have fun

Wet bar
Game tables (babyfoot and pool)
Giant screens
Kitchen equipped to invite your friends
Rooftop patio

To unwind

Bookcase with reading alcove
Patio accessible from the kitchen
Lounge with a swing

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